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Pat Hines • Captain

“I’ve been a life-long athlete, competing as a triathlete, long distance swimmer, transcontinental bike racer and then gave birth to twins at 46 years of age.  I was looking for a new endurance challenge that would test me metaphysically and emotionally when I discovered the Great Pacific Race in 2014. I knew this was it and started preparing.”  Before now, Pat’s most challenging race included swimming from the Marina in Los Angeles, to the island of Catalina.

Pat, swimmer at the University of Miami and former Vice President of RKO Radio, founded Safe Moves in 1983 as a tribute to her friend who was hit by a car while they were training for the 1984 Olympics in bicycling. Ms. Hines speaks throughout the world on traffic safety issues as it pertains to children.  She is author of many books and articles on children’s safety and was recognized by President Bill Clinton as a leader in the area of traffic safety education for children.

Pat w:boat

The non-profit SafeMoves, is now recognized as the leading authority in traffic safety education in the country.  Safe Moves has not only been credited with saving thousands of children’s lives through education, but also through legislation.

*Safe Moves has been featured in local and national news including ”The Today Show”, “Good Morning, America”, “20/20”, “Dateline” and “Oprah” as well as in the Los Angeles Times, The New York.

In between raising 15-year old twins,  training for the Great Pacific Race, running SafeMoves, serving on the board of Return to Freedom Wild Horse Preservation and Sanctuary, Pat also bicycles with Vets in her spare time.

Pat Hines’ Athletic Background:

*1980 Ironman Triathlon

*1981 Ironman Triathlon

*1982 Swam Catalina Channel

*1982 California State Champion, 25 mile Time Trial (Bicycling)

*1983 Ricoh Ironman

*1984 Olympic Trials (Bicycling)

*1984 San Francisco to San Diego (Bicycling)

*1984 Race Across America (Bicycling)

*1986 Manhattan Island Swim (31 miles)

*1988 Manhattan Island Swim (31 miles)

*1989 Kayaked from San Francisco to Los Angeles

*1989 Paddle Board from Long Beach to Catalina and back

2004 – present Kayaked over 10,000 miles

Liz Dycus • Technical Coordinator

“I’ve always been an athlete, but I am also an engineer and technical geek. When I  first heard about the Great Pacific Race I realized it would be an opportunity for me to not only physically but mentally challenge myself. This row across the Pacific will push me completely out of my comfort zone and strengthen my belief in myself.”

Liz & BoatLiz Graduated from Georgia Tech with Electrical Engineering Degree, and Bachelor of Science in Physics from the University of North Georgia.  When not coming to the rescue of major crises as Sr. Manager of Critical Infrastructure, Liz is Kayaking and hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains.


The Boat

A 24-foot-long, 6-foot-wide carbon boat will be home for the 40 plus days of the challenge at sea.  Equipped with two sliding seats, the two rowers will have only their muscle power to get them from California to Hawaii. Everything they will need for the journey will be within the space of their vessel.  Boatimages-3

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